Medical Law

Concerning the legal liabilities of doctors, patients & other healthcare professionals due to medical operations, malpractice claims and compensation for damages.

Tort Law

Compensation claims to doctors and hospitals for medical operation or failures due acting unfairly or neglect

Insurance Law

Obligations of the insurance company for the hospital expenses and medical damages in accordance with legal regulations and health insurance policy

Commercial Law

Providing professional mediation, arbitration, litigation and consultancy services considering the needs of the international enterprises & companies.

Malpractice Law

Legal service regarding the medical operation failures and aesthetic & plastic surgery malpractices

Personal Injury Law

Compensation claims and criminal complaints for injury to the body, mind or emotions due to tort, unfair action or breach of legal right of the person.

Biotechnology Law

Biotechnology law, which deals with the legal processes related to activities performed using biotechnology, includes exclusive features as well as contains different branches.

Health Law

Providing advocacy services to doctors, hospitals and patients in accordance with legal regulations

Foreigners Law

Providing legal assistance and defending the rights for health tourists & foreign clients including claim for damages in insurance law and malpractice law.

Contract Law

Drafting and execution of the medical contracts, insurance agreements and health protocols in English considering the clients priorities.

Administrative Law

Legal services for the disputes between the state hospitals & healthcare authorities and patient individuals & medical companies.

Criminal Law

Defending the client on penal proceedings (i.e. doctors), advocacy service in criminal courts and security institutions for the malpractice victims.