ISTLEGAL Law Office Attorneys at Law, Av. Abdurrahman Ali Yıldırım and Av. Melike İremnur Yıldız, we think that every one of the clients as our one and only client, and bring about a long-standing assurance in the legal disputes and affairs owing to our experiences on the Medical Law, we provide solution-driven offers to the disputes.

The place of practice is based in Istanbul, in the meantime we offer a single-handed and superior service to our clients for claims and advocacy services all over Turkey, with our lawyer, doctor, expert network. In our law office medical malpractice claims and related legal procedures are executed carefully from beginning to the end.

Back in time, Av. Abdurrahman Ali YILDIRIM had been studied in USA for one year as preparatory education, studied in France for one semester and successfully graduated from law school in Istanbul on time with full scholarship. He had completed his master's degree in medical law expertise in Istanbul and still he has given speeches on the topics of medical law , health law , personal injuries and malpractice claims in various seminars and congresses as in his areas of expertise.

As being a professional health advocate and medical lawyer, previously trained in a leading law firm in Istanbul, he experienced in variety of litigation matters mainly to the foreign companies and individuals. During his professional life, he had works for a leading state-run company in Ankara; he took the experience to the next level on corporate matters with business in/with public institutions and private corporations. 

Av. Melike İremnur Yıldız has a distinguished legal experience as being an attorney at law on the fields of personal injury and medical administrative claims and criminal malpractice cases. She represents and/or defends mostly physician, surgeon and other health professionals and employee clients in the best possible manner before the courts.

Since the beginning, ISTLEGAL Law Office has embraced the principle of “transparency to the client and confidentiality to the third parties”, also to provide his clients with a high-caliber set of legal services at internationally acknowledged standards. 

Att. Abdurrahman Ali YILDIRIM & Att. Melike İremnur Yıldız, having wide-range of experience in malpractice claims, operation failures and health tourism problems, medical investment consultations and other legal issues mainly faced by patients.

In ISTLEGAL Law Office, we are able to present professional legal services in Turkish, English and French.

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