Legal Notes

  1. Medical Lawyer in Turkey Why is it important to hire an attorney at medical law to sue surgeons, hospitals, dentists, doctors or health centers in Turkey for malpractice cases? Turkish lawyer answered.
  2. Hair Transplant Operation Failure It is possible to file a lawsuit against doctor, surgeon, hospital or health center for medical malpractice according to Turkish Law in case of hair transplant operation failure
  3. Aesthetic Malpractice in Turkish Law In case of medical failure of the surgeon, doctor, hospital or health center; patients and victims can claim on court for compensation due to aesthetic malpractice in Turkish Law.
  4. Turkish Citizenship by Lawyer Related to health tourism, the criterias for acquisition of Turkish citizenship by lawyer for foreigners and tourists coming to Turkey for medical treatments and health services
  5. Privacy & Personal Data ISTLEGAL law firm attaches great importance to privacy and protection of personal data for its clients and third parties.
  6. Legal Notice Legal notice in the matter of ISTLEGAL website, logo and the articles & texts on the pages in the website.