Contract Law

Contract Law

Drafting and execution of the medical contracts, insurance agreements and health protocols in English considering the clients priorities.

Provisions regarding contracts are placed in the Code of Obligations in the Turkish legal system. The provisions are mainly based on the continental law which is called European legal system.

Contract law is closely linked to many other areas of law depending on the type, parties and topic of the contract. It may require the deep knowledge of Real Estate Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Medical Law, Transportation Law and/or Trademark Law etc.

One of the most significant issues in the drafting and negotiation of the contracts and agreements is defining the priorities of the client and then execute the demands by caring the confidentiality.

It is also really important to pay attention of the definitions and annexes in the contracts. Drafting the contract and agreement requires deep experience on the subject.

We believe that the defining the priorities of the client and execute in profession thru negotiations are the most significant issues of the contracts & agreements.

In ISTLEGAL Law Office, Attorney Abdurrahman Ali YILDIRIM provides the drafting and execution of contract negotiations as being lawyer experienced on the contracts in business and being medical law and contract law expert

Our Office also presents professional legal service for the drafting, negotiating and consulting for the contracts in Turkish, English, French and Arabic languages.

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