Medical Lawyer in Turkey

Medical Lawyer in Turkey

Why is it important to hire an attorney at medical law to sue surgeons, hospitals, dentists, doctors or health centers in Turkey for malpractice cases? Turkish lawyer answered.

In this article, you will be informed about the legal counseling you will receive in case of a dispute related to the medical problem and what to pay attention to the lawyer you will hire in Turkey, how to understand a lawyer who specializes in health & medical cases and what legal services the lawyer will provide you according to Turkish law. Since the subject of medical is a private area, it differs from other jobs in terms of lawyers and it requires expertise and experience to provide legal services in terms of the expectations of individuals or institutions operating in the field of medical & health.

It should not be forgotten that our health, which we value most in life, is our most important asset and health is the top of everything. The fact that doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals whom we entrust our health to be experts in their jobs give us confidence. Likewise, any legal counseling related to health & medical, legal assistance should be obtained by hiring an expert lawyer in the problem and case. At this point, when you say that I need an experienced, reliable, knowledgeable lawyer and legal service at every stage of the medical law, medical malpractice, medical mis-intervention and/or surgery failures, you are supposed to pay attention to choose an attorney.

Medical malpractice cases has increased dramatically in the last 20 years in Turkey and worldwide as well. Especially in the last few years, the number of malpractice cases against doctor's and surgeons is quite high, especially in the provinces such as Ankara, Istanbul and Bursa. However, it should be noted that a serious majority of the lawsuits filed are rejected on the grounds that there is no malpractice according to the evidences. In other words, a lawsuit filed with the claim of malpractice is not accepted as a serious part of the lawsuits filed on the grounds that the resulting negative situation is not due to the doctor's or surgeons's defect and failure and the result of the compensation of medical problem is rejected with complication reason.

As a solution for this, the following is generally suggested; Before the malpractice case is filed in the court, by consulting a lawyer who is an expert in the field of medical and health, better to get the opinion of a medical expert from a specialist physician and to go for a lawsuit in accordance with an explanatory medical report.

Another important reason for the rejection of the lawsuits filed is that the judges, prosecutors and lawyers who have addressed the assessment based on the merely expert report, are unable to adequately clarify the incident and damage through the eyes of a lawyer with medical terminology and health expertise. As a matter of fact, lawyers face a problem of not being able to adequately prove the allegations since they cannot determine the legal dispute well and clarify the issue, cannot provide the necessary information, documents and evidence for the report and do not have medical terminology as well. For this reason, it is very important to hire a lawyer with expert and reliable, as legal advisor and specialist attorney in the field of medical law in the case of malpractice.

During any procedure and application for medical, surgical, treatment, examination purposes, medical application failures may come up in every stage of patient-doctor relations. Due to medical malpractice, it is very important that the patient lawyer and doctor lawyer are experts in medicine and experienced in medical law and in the fields of compensation claims, criminal and malpractice cases. Because courses such as medical law or health law are not subjected to university students in law school; It can only be learned in professional life for lawyers and judges. Although the general indemnity issues and the general principles of procedural law apply in indemnity cases filed due to medical enforcement failures, many unique practices and features stand out due to the nature of the medical treatments.

It should be noted again, before filing a lawsuit against a doctor, a medical report should be obtained stating that there is an malpractice in treatment, diagnosis and/or operation, and a case should be taken in accordance with the expert opinions such as doctor's report and other experts. We recommend that you get a doctor report that has been correctly and medically determined at the time of applying to the court, and then choose an experienced lawyer and then file a lawsuit. 

Unless these requirements are fulfilled, it might be unnecessary for you to try to file a lawsuit based solely on accusations and attributing defects to the physician due to complications, and it will cause a workload before lawyers and courts. With the experience of a lawyer specialized in health and medical cases, the attorney can direct you before filing a lawsuit, and can notify you about your demands and the result in accordance with equity.

Finally, keep in mind that whether the lawyer you work for your medical issue is really working in the field of medical law or doing many jobs in many fields, you need to be careful and selective. A lawyer who works exclusively in medical law will of course be better to you.

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